Fitz Manufacturing is proud to be a Michigan-based, family owned- and operated-company. Those facts translate to a spirit of community we extend to the hundreds of clients proudly served over the past 40+ years. Successfully moving their projects forward comes naturally to our team — every member of which is dedicated to combining exemplary work with an outstanding client experience. Since we’re in a very numbers-driven field, we thought we’d let some of our numbers help tell the story.

By the Numbers

  • Providing manufacturing services since 1977

  • Started with just one turret lathe

  • 40,000 square feet of shop floor

  • 100 years of combined machining experience

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all work

  • More than 35 employees are proud to work at Fitz

  • Industry experience runs 4 generations deep

  • One: the only phone call it takes to get started

The Experience

Success in manufacturing often comes down to numbers: production numbers, inventory turn rate, financial reports, and many others. But there’s more to it. There’s also the dedication and commitment required to provide you with an exemplary client experience — one that you can then extend to your own clients.

Fitz Manufacturing’s numbers tell a story of precision and skill. Our people, however, expand on that story in exceptional ways, too. We look forward to demonstrating exactly how.