Inventory's Advantages

It’s time to see inventory for what it is: a competitive advantage. For years, pundits argued that inventory over and above immediate needs was bad. Fitz Manufacturing argues that it’s good. So good that we’ve invested time, money, and resources into an inventory management system that we can offer clients to set them apart. Our system allows clients to produce a full run of their expected needs, not gambling on a lower number that, once exhausted, can impinge their revenue stream.

Inventory Where and When You Need It

Fitz Manufacturing can stock the items you do not immediately need. And when the items are needed, Fitz Manufacturing delivers them. A great deal of flexibility is available with respect to the shipping; even same-day shipping is available. The best part? The customer only pays for the product once it ships. That means the Fitz Manufacturing inventory management approach allows clients to gain economies of scale without immediately absorbing the risk often associated with production numbers high enough to merit that risk.