There are nearly as many conveyance needs as there are industries. (Among the industries: automotive, electronics, food packaging, and medical.) A key reason: the strenuous labor that a well-run and efficient conveyor feed line alleviates. Because so many industries utilize them, a wide array of conveyance systems are required: from belt and steel mesh conveyors to timing belt and vacuum conveyors. Each one must meet exacting standards to achieve top-line reliability. Fitz Manufacturing exceeds those standards.

Parts We Make

  • Pulleys
  • Idlers
  • Ball transfer units
  • Bearings

Reliable Components

Conveyor feed lines can encounter many issues: mistracking, belt slippage, and seized rollers are just a few. While such issues may be unavoidable at times, problems arising from poorly manufactured parts are entirely avoidable. Since your clients look to you to produce reliable and trustworthy conveyor feed line components, look to Fitz Manufacturing’s expansive selection of tools, dedication to consistently accurate quality assurance, and 100+ years of collective machining experience. With us, you’ll have a partner that understands your engineering challenges and opportunities very well and can rapidly scale production to meet revised projections. We’re ready to help deliver the components you need to get — and keep — those conveyors moving.