Since 1977, quality has been paramount at Fitz Manufacturing. We have the ability to manufacture precisely what our clients need. We go beyond just the machining aspect of the job by offering a carefully managed client experience focused on prompt and clear communication. That helps us act as your collaborator — one invested in working with you to develop proactive solutions. We follow that up with “no surprise” billing so that you understand what to expect every time.

  • Client Experience

    Exemplary service is our goal with you 100% of the time

  • Communication

    We’ll ensure you always know what’s going on.

  • Collaboration

    Our experts are here to help you succeed.. You’ve got backup.

  • Proactive Support

    We’ll help you uncover any game-changing ideas.


No industry can escape the technological acceleration sweeping the globe. Companies unwilling to step aside need to step up and produce better products than ever — and they must do that faster than ever. Fitz Manufacturing can help. Long-standing and continual efforts to establish a strong foundation enable us to help others develop similar safeguards against the winds of such rapid change. Regardless of your industry, we offer an array of capabilities and broad portfolio of services to help you.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Conveyor Feed-lines
  • Government
  • Hydraulic companies

Crafting institutional knowledge

Scratch below the surface of any successful company and you’ll find amazing people. And that’s Fitz Manufacturing’s true point of differentiation: dedicated and experienced team members. Every day, they contribute to the institutional knowledge required to remain competitive in manufacturing today. Each is technologically savvy, and all of them keep their skills updated through company-provided or supported continuing education and training.

Unique Benefits

We continually audit our quality of service to ensure we’re giving the best of ourselves to the companies that support our manufacturing passions and goals. There are additional benefits to working with Fitz Manufacturing, as well.

  • Geography

    We’re close to you as well as the infrastructure required to get your parts anywhere in the world swiftly and securely.

  • Experts in Residence

    Practically turnover-proof, we are — and have long been — home to some of southeast Michigan’s top manufacturing talent.

  • Inventory Support

    Permanently scratch one great big to-do off your list. We’re ready to handle all of your inventory needs today.

  • Future-Proof

    Confidently work to grow your business. Depend on us to ensure you’re prepared for what comes next in your industry.